I do weird, boring stuff with data that no one else wants to do. I am not an accountant, database manager or statistician. Those kinds of guys work for me.

At knowledge-work companies, people are always talking smack. Running to the teacher to tattle on the bad student. Telling each other things they should not, like who is about to be fired.

Many of the higher ups in my company are from commonwealth countries. One, C, counseled me last week “be able to explain everything that A does, because The King asked me while you were on vacation ‘What does A do?’ and I could not answer. And they are looking at costs in this office.”

Another one, a female East Ender, said last week, “With the mistakes made by G, he has no business telling us what he will and won’t do and it may be time that he goes. The King knows it would be hard to do without him but not impossible.”

A and G are my top two guys. There is a time to throw stones and a time to gather stones. The King, East End and C have no idea how to hire the replacements for A and G. I am starting to smell a consolidation.

This blog is not meant to be a rant but a cautionary tale. Some day, middle manager, this will happen to you.